About Child Care in UK

This site will help you understand a little more about child care in the UK and its history. As it gives you an idea of how child care plays a crucial role in the early developments of a child, it also looks into what parents are looking for in terms of benefits and even parental leaves.

Child care history in the UK

Understanding the history of child care in the UK would help you appreciate the early steps people took to help the younger generation. The site looks at the early efforts of the government and how they had to closely work together with the local authorities to help provide nurseries for children. It even explains the initial funding for the programs as well as the voucher system they undertook.

All these efforts have given birth to the present system the UK has today. The site touches up on public and private nurseries and even explain how the Sure Start program was conceived and started. It also goes on to explain the flexibility in the schedule a childminder brings as they are able to offer their services right at the house of the children.

Leaves for parents

It is a tough job trying to manage work and taking care of the children. However, the site explains some of the leaves parents are entitled to when they have a child. Starting from the maternal leave for the mothers who will give birth to the paternal leaves that the fathers are also entitled to. There are also some emergency leaves that they can take as they look after their children.

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Child care in different countries

The site also helps you identify some the best countries in the world that offer a great child care system in the world. These countries pave the way in raising the benchmark for how comprehensive programs in child care needs to be in the center of the community. Some of the countries mentioned in the site are Sweden, Denmark, and even Norway. The site also helps identify some of the countries that seem to be lacking in child care and quite far back in the race.