Best Countries to Raise Kids

Our children will be the ones to inherit this Earth and we need to ensure that they get to grow up as responsible members of society. Child rearing starts well before they are even born and does not stop even if they are no longer staying with you at home. In between all these, there are a lot of factors that comes into play. Apart from education, job security and even cost of living also start to play a big part in overall child care. Here are some of the best countries in the world that has the best child care int world.


Health is a big factor in raising kids and family and Sweden ranks high in this category. It is important to keep children healthy because this helps prepare them to take on life. They get to enjoy school better and be able to socialize with others kids longer. When they are healthy, they get to spend more time with family and friends and be able to enjoy life.

One other thing that is great in Sweden is the prenatal care where expectant mothers are already entitled to numerous benefits. This includes free courses to help them in delivering the baby. This can be breathing techniques to help them manage their delivery better as well as some coaching sessions and even a group support. There are even instances when pregnant mothers are allowed to get off work earlier especially when they are in a strenuous job place.


One other country you might want to consider when raising children would be in Norway. They are consistently on top of the list whenever there is a poll on the best countries in the world to have a family. For one, there is a high ratio of female-earned income when compared to their male counterparts.

The country also has a generous maternity package for expectant mothers. They get either 10 months of maternity leave with 100% pay or choose to take 12 months of leave but with only 80% of pay. And either the mom or the dad can take these leave. Norway also has one of the lowest mortality rates of children five and under in the world.

The country also espouses the janteloven idea and it starts early with the children. This instills the idea that everyone is part of the group and that they should not assume that they are better than anyone else. This means that the needs of the group trumps those of a single person’s needs.

The kids in Norway also attend what they call barnehage which is basically their version of a subsidized daycare or a pre-school. This translates to a children’s garden where the kids as young as one years old can be left from 8am to up to 5pm. This allows the parents to get back to work.

Also the government in Norway have a lot of laws that protects younger people. One example of this is legal aspects when it comes to online gambling. Stricter rules regarding casino promotions, for example no free spins on Starburst could be a reality there soon.


Denmark is another great country to raise a child where nurses would come for a visit when you have a baby. This is then followed by regular visits to the doctor and you can get time off work when your child is sick. On that leave, the first two days are even paid leaves so you do not have to worry too much about finances and be able to concentrate on your child.

Child care forms a big part of the way of life in Denmark. Over 90% of children attend day-care and the Royal Family is not exempted as they take their children to attend day cars. This gives the parents the chance to resume work and be able to not only contribute to society but get a good grip on their finances.

The children in Denmark grows up to be more self-assured and able to take responsibilities for themselves. One reason for this is that there is no competition in early Danish education. The focus are the kids emotional and social well-being. It is not surprising to see kids aged 10 to be taking public transportation all alone.