Kids in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places on the planet and you can bring your family and even the kids when you visit the place. Though the place is known for its casinos, there are some pretty great places to visit to make the kids enjoy the place.

Lion Habitat Ranch

Situated just 5 minutes from the Vegas Strip in Henderson, Nevada, this establishment will let you experience more than 40 lions with a walking guided tour. The paths will let you see the big cats go about their daily routine playing and napping all in the comfort of their habitat. You can even witness the trainers feed and even bath the animals.

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

The Mandalay Bay offers you and your family the chance to witness one of the most exciting predators in the open sea. The Shark Reef in the hotel is one of its kind in North America being a predator-based aquarium. There are over 2,000 sea creatures in the aquarium that houses piranhas, jellyfish, saw fish, and even giant rays on top of the sharks inside.

Hotels with child care

When you get to Las Vegas, you might want to have some quality time to yourself and this is challenging when you have the kids in tow. Luckily, there are some hotels in the area that knows that struggle. As such, they have put in child care in their services to help you have a great time without worrying too much about the kids.

One is the Orleans found along Tropicana Avenue. They have an on-site center called Kid’s Tyme which offers supervised activities for kids ages 3 to 12. Open all year round, the center has a very competent and well-trained staff who also knows first aid and even CPR. The center offers arts and crafts and other activities for kids to enjoy.

The Ravella at Las Las Vegas is another option which has the Ravella Kids Club for children aged 4 to 12. The center has certified child care providers ready to take care of the kids. The center offers age-appropriate activities from arts and crafts to science-related activities.They also have some games in the center to help the kids keep entertained for a long time.

The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa is another place that has a child care facility for you to have the time to enjoy the casinos in Las Vegas. The Westin Kids Club is open to kids 3 through 12 years old. You can choose from either a morning, afternoon, or an evening session for your children or even an all-day activity.

Of course, if you are hesitant to just leave your children at the hotel or you do not have any sitter to look out after them, you can still enjoy the games with some online casinos right in the comfort of your hotel room.