Childcare system ‘worst of all worlds’

Child care is one of the most important aspects of raising a child. This does not mean that parents cannot do it alone. It’s just that they need a system in place to help them make it work. Regardless whether how much they want to provide the best for their child, it becomes a lot more challenging if the framework is not there. This means healthcare system, educational opportunities and even a safe environment to grow up in.

When it comes to child care, there are a lot of factors to consider and each country’s approach is different. It has a lot to do with the culture they advocate, the environment provided for the children, and even the financial opportunities for the parents to help them take advantage of the child care system in the country.

It is already a challenge to find a good child care system and a lot harder to locate one that does not cost a fortune. This is because for the simple fact that quality and premium costs a lot more than cheap and average. Here are some of the countries where you might want to think twice before raising your child there.


This country can either be in your top half for best child care system in the world or your bottom half especially when you are a mother about to give birth. This is because, for one, families in Korea spends almost nothing on child care. This is for the simple fact that the state benefits they get are able to cover the majority, if not all of the cost.

That being said, the culture frowns upon pain medications especially for mothers about to give birth. This is a sign of weakness for them and society starts to question whether the mother would be a good role model for their children. This is not a problem for women who have a high tolerance for pain but for the others, it becomes a grueling phase in their life.

The United States of America

One of the toughest things to deal with when it comes to child care is their health. Although it differs from state to state, the biggest question is inequality in opportunities. The families living in disadvantaged areas would have a harder time getting their hands on much-needed child care system which can even start from childbirth. The areas that might have a better system in place could have a high sticker price and prevent families from fully taking advantage of it.


One of the biggest challenges in child care in Pakistan is poverty. From the time the mother is pregnant to delivery, they are already beset with problems. For one, remote communities would have a hard time getting access to an efficient healthcare system. Child care programs are also questionable since families would tend to focus on basic necessities such as food and housing.