What is the Role of a Child Care Worker?

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A child care worker is someone who works in an environment where they are responsible for the safety, emotional well-being, and education of children.

Child care workers work both inside and outside of a daycare setting, providing supervision to groups or individuals. They may be involved with meal preparation, cleaning up after meals, supervising nap time or playtime as well as other duties related to the operation of the facility. The job description varies depending on the type of childcare facility that they work at.

In a daycare setting, child care workers typically work from 7am-6pm in the morning, and again in the afternoon from 2pm-5pm. For a school age childcare facility, they may work in a variety of positions that depend on their training and qualifications.

In conclusion

  • Child care workers are people who work in a facility that provides supervision for children’s safety, education, and well being.
  • The job description varies based on the type of childcare facility they work at.
  • In general, child care workers typically work from 7am to 6pm in the morning and 2pm to 5pm in the afternoon.